Happy Thanksgiving & some links


Apologies for the lack of posting – it’s been hectic and it’s the holidays, will try to resume regular blogging stat.  In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving everyone & here are some links for your holiday reading:
* Cool vintage photos of the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade (where the photo in this post is from).
*Crazy footage of Hurricane Sandy taken right as New York went dark.
*This apple crisp sounds delicious.
*I love this retort.
*What if Wes Anderson directed Stars Wars?
*I’m thinking this could be fun to play with.
*Have you read Gone Girl?  So.hard.to.put.down.scary.
*Oh these are pretty & dramatic.
*Some really pretty abstracts in this Esty shop.
*I have always liked New York Magazine’s holiday gift guide.


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving & some links

  1. Happy holidays! Thanks for the links. That Etsy shop looks great…especially since we are now officially house-hunting and I am in decorating mode! xo

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