Under the radar


I live in the Inner Richmond, which is pretty much off the map (as lots of people would tell you), and I rather love that about it, but I think it’s going to start to be noticed soon.  I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon wandering around Clement with a friend of mine who also lives in the neighborhood, and I couldn’t get over how many cute, new places there are to browse.  SF Girl by the Bay just wrote up Park Life, which is an awesome little shop/art gallery on Celement, where I found a unique Giants shirt for Mr. Bill, and a copy of the current Kinfolk (& lots of other things that would make great gifts).  Around the corner is a locally owned jewelry store called Covet, where I couldn’t resist picking up a pretty necklace — prices are reasonable and pieces are unique.  Down the street just a little bit at 6th & Clement, in an old brick Post Office building is Foggy Notion, which sells leather goods the owner makes herself, including some great looking bags, as well as local finds (I picked up some honey made from bees in Golden Gate Park).  Just thought I’d share some of my latest favorite finds.  Happy Monday.


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