Happy weekend, everyone!


Another twin picture to end the week.  They were “talking” in their own little babbly language here.  Adorbs, IM (no so) HO.  As usual, here’s what caught my attention this week:
*Paul Ferney (Oh Happy Day!’s husband) is having an art show on Saturday.
*Black Jet Bakery, one of our favorites, was featured in Forbes!
*The Michelin guide announced its San Francisco stars (for all the foodies here).
*In the file “art projects I wish I thought of first” there is this really cool combination of historic photos from WWII and their present-day locations.  You must look at this.  Really neat.
*Go see Argo — it’s amazing.  If you get curious after (or want to know the story before you go), here’s a great profile of the CIA agent the movie’s about.
*I am super excited about this app called postal pix – you can order prints of your iphone shots directly from your phone (I think it works on droids too).  Those of you who have heard my “please print your photos and do not let them die in a computer” lecture will get just how cool I think this is.


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