Weekend links!


It’s my favorite day of the week & time for those weekend links.  Here you go.

*Name changes allegedly made easy with this service?  Hmm . . . could be worth checking out if you’re in the market for this — I hear that is one of the more frustrating experiences out there.
*Doodling helps concentration!  I knew it!  (I am a *HUGE* doodler.)
*This letter from a cool uncle will make.you.cry.  Unless you have a heart of stone, that is.  Via Letters of Note.
*It’s the 25th anniversary of the Princess Bride!  Oh how I adore this movie & quote it all.the.time.  Fun little known facts in the article I linked to.
* Trust me, sherbet punch is delicious.  I made this with Trader Joe’s pomegranate blueberry sherbet and it was amazing and a half.  It’s extra delicious in a vintage crystal punch bowl.
* This is an adorable version of my elementary school uniform.  If only such style had existed then  . . .
* I am so making this banana bread this weekend.  Wish me luck as baking has never been my thing.  I am counting on the Smitten Kitchen to be right on with this recipe as she is with everything I’ve ever made off her site (which, is a lot.)


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