Weekend again, yay.

It’s well known in my household that I love to run in Golden Gate Park and Stowe Lake is my favorite spot — I snapped this on my iphone when the light was so pretty.  We’re getting close to October, which I think is the most gorgeous light of the whole year.  We’ve got a ton of shoots lined up and I cannot wait.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone — here’s this week’s links:
*Stereotypes of San Francisco make me laugh & this site does a brilliant job of it.
*A friend was recently raving about her trip to the San Juan islands, and this pretty shoot makes me want to go there — it’s now at the top of my “easy travel in the USA list”
*Just look at this and try not to smile.
*I just adore a pretty menu.
*Yep, it is cray-cray, but I still watch it. (I have a very hard time giving up shows once I get hooked, even after shark jumping.)
*I really kind of want this cardigan for fall, there’s something so 70s perfect about it.
*Pretty new store & giveaway on Note to Self.
*I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I love the pop-up dinner party idea & really want to be invited to one, so friends, get on it!
*Diana through the years – I just love the 1997 Vanity Fair cover.


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