Happy Weekend!!


Our weekend is off to a great start!  We were at City Hall today taking pictures of an absolutely lovely couple.  No sneak peaks yet, as they aren’t spreading the news for a little while.  When they do, I have some gorgeous stuff to share.  Instead, we’ll live with this iphone snap I took on my way over.  I still get the chills when I see the dome peek up over traffic when I’m heading down Van Ness.  I just adore that City Hall.  Here are the things I’ve found interesting this week:

*Henri Cartier-Bresson’s wife died today — apparently she was a photographer too (I have a special weak spot for couples who are both photogs – see e.g. me & Bill).  Who knew she was still alive?  I just picture him as being from a totally different era.
*Interesting photos of Princess Diana as a teenager via A Cup of Jo.
*I wouldn’t mind living here.
*We must next get to the Man Ray/Lee Miller show at the Palace Legion of Honor (my favorite museum in SF from an architecture standpoint.  I love love love the MOMA, but this museum is just too pretty for words).
*I’ve been meaning to share that I made this wonderful tart via A Forest Feast a few weeks ago & it is as promised:  so easy & absolutely delicious.  A total hit.  Makes me want to start a book club or something so I can bust this out and show off.
*Want to be in the NYT’s wedding section?  Submit 6 weeks ahead.  Directions here.
*I love the idea of a pop-up dinner party on the streets of San Francisco.  Will someone please invite me to one?
*Apparently, I am asparagus obsessed these days, because I bookmarked this recipe too.


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