Happy Weekend!

I feel like I should be posting sunny skies and swimming pools since it’s allegedly summertime.  Instead, I decided on a dose of realism — very foggy mornings that are typical here in San Francisco.  Hope you all find some sun this weekend.  Without further stalling, here are the things I’ve found amusing this week:

*Anyone out there liking NBC’s Olympic coverage?  I am not digging the spoilers myself, but I am *loving* watching anyway.  I tear up all the time — I am a sucker for a good human interest story.

*Love this!  Using people as pixels to make large scale art.  You gotta click here to see this.

*I am so in love with old pictures of San Francisco and its near past — check out this awesome collection of photos of grand swimming pools in the city via the SF Gate.

*This is cool – check out the world’s oldest known photograph.

*Check out these pretty paintings — flowers just make me happy all the time, no matter what.


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