It’s the weekend again! Yahoo!

I am so excited it’s time for the Olympics again!  I just love the summer games (can we all say gymnastics and synchronized swimming?!).  I’ll be watching the opening ceremonies tonight.  Hope you all have fun plans for the weekend!  (I love this image that I found floating around facebook, but couldn’t locate an artist credit — if anyone knows, please clue me in.)

Here’s this weeks links from around the interwebs:

*Can we hope for a return to the days of glamorous travel?!
*I was not familiar with “queer-electro-hop” but I like it! (& I really want to know where I am when all these fantastic videos are getting made in San Francisco).
* Sometimes I am jealous of someone else’s life.  This blog called “The forest feast” is one of those times — seriously beautiful food photography, illustrations and it’s all from a cabin in the woods in Northern California (i.e. right here!!).  I want to live in this part of the internet.
*If you have littles in the Bay Area, here are some things to do with them this weekend.
*Super awesome colorized version of the famous kiss in Times Square.
*Have you guys seen the site “Letters of Note” – great letters by famous and not so famous people posted daily.  This one from Ted Turner’s Dad on his plans to become a classics major sounds an awful lot like my own Dad’s reaction to my art major plans.


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