Weekend Links!

Happy Weekend, everyone!  Does any more need to be said?  Here’s my weekly perusing of the internets that I thought were share-worthy:

*Awesome give-away of seriously cute earrings on Classic Bride
*If you’re in the mood for a little cry this weekend, get out your tissues and read this obit.
*Controversy!  Are prints off of google street view art?  Are they photography?
*If you’re in New York, go see Rineke Dijkstra at the Guggenheim – I saw this show at the SFMOMA and it is fantastic – haunting and real.
*If you’re honeymoon planning (or just trip planning in general), I thought this article on foreign hotel brands was potentially useful — I find booking foreign hotels with confidence to be one of the hardest parts of foreign travel.
*Judy Blume is a real person!  And she’ll be at the Castro Theater today screening Tiger Eyes at 4pm.  Hurry!  There’s still time to make it.  (Don’t know about tickets though . . .)

Have a good one .  . .


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