party closets

You know how some people have shoe addictions or handbag addictions & the like?  Well, I have a ridiculous thing for party supplies.  I pick them up everywhere, on vacation, in grocery stores, don’t even get me started at the flea market and I am doomed if I spend a few minutes on Etsy.  I thought I had the habit under control until I stumbled upon BHLDN’s sale the other day.  Now, truth be told, while I like the idea of BHLDN (really I like their aesthetic, but they hit me as infringing on independent shops of the Etsy variety), I wasn’t too wild about shopping there.  But, I had to pass along that they’re having a pretty great sale on what looks like some really cute things in the decorations department.  I love their tablecloth by the Rifle Paper Company & different little fabric products.  That is all for today.


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