Ze weekend links!

*When I first moved to SF proper, my apartment was right down the street from Steve McQueen’s apartment in Bullit.  I became a lifelong fan after that & as a result, I am finding this video of a racecar driver zooming through the streets of the city just awesome (even if it is a commercial for the Ford Fiesta).
*I love a little testing of the laws, this is a bold move PSC.
*Indeed, this is a cool snippet on when photography became art.
*He wears short shorts.  And I don’t object.
*How could I not have caught onto this right the second it came out?  A cute show with an unrealistic premise about ballet dancers?!  Love!  Totally agree with this review of Bunheads.  (I think I too easily dismiss shows on the ABC family channel – it just doesn’t have the same “ring” as HBO or AMC)

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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