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So this weekend’s pic was a happy accident — I was shooting out of the back window of my friend’s car with the trusty iphone & caught this totally overexposed image.  With the magic of apps, I filtered the heck out of it and I think it looks like a little illustration.  I liked it.  Anyway, after this weird week of either too many Mondays or too many Fridays (can you ever really have too many Fridays?!), here are my links for this weekend:

*This is the cutest interview ever — a 5 year old is interviewed by her Dad (who works for NPR) about why she cut her sister’s hair off.
* I totally agree, an ordinary life is nothing to sniff at.
*RIP Kodak.  Just writing that makes me so sad.  In memoriam, best Mad Men pitch ever.
*This round up of stores most don’t consider fashionable (is it terrible that I regularly shop at a few of them) and “finds” there is hilarious, as is this new blog Girls of a Certain Age by Kim France fka editor of Lucky Mag.
*This is awesomely back to the future — what would you talk about with your 12-year old self?  I’d probably want to know how things turned out.
*I’ve mentioned this blog before, but in the wake of TomKat’s demise (which surprised no one ever), I am routinely checking out Suri’s thoughts.
*On my summer “to do” list — go see Super Diamond and/or Tainted Love at Bimbos.  We shot a private party last year where Tainted Love played, so fantastic.  I’d love to go see them again & have a few cocktails.
*Speaking of things to do, I’ve got to get over to the DeYoung before the Gautier show closes. Perhaps this weekend?  Are y’all out of town?  Empty places?  No crowds?  yes?
*One more!  Cindy Sherman is coming to SFMOMA.  I die.  Can’t wait for this one.

Happy weekend!!


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