Have a happy weekend!

We’ll be off taking pictures, as usual.  Hope y’all have some fun plans up your sleeves.  Here’s what caught my attention this week:

*Pictures that are heartwarming & will make you smile.
*Interesting article on delivery room photography.  Even being a photog who loves great pictures of real moments, this does not particularly appeal to me.  Not a fan of too much “real.” Discuss, please.
* Cool DIY garland instructions on Oh Happy Day! (I like projects that don’t seem totally overwhelming and give you a lot of bang for the effort)
* Instructions for some cool braided hairstyles (medium to long hair required and these look cute & easy)
*I love San Francisco making fun of San Francisco, the material here is just too rich. You’ve got to check out this new blog that totally gets us.  (Warning, this may not make sense to you if you don’t live here, but if you do, prepare to crack up.)


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