Happy Birthday, GGB

The Golden Gate Bridge is such an icon that it’s hard to believe it’s only 75 years old.  My grandparents were alive and living here well into their 20s before it was constructed.  We’ll be cheering the bridge celebratory folks on from afar this weekend as we’re shooting Mike & Taures’ wedding, which we’re so excited for.  In case you’re hanging around looking for some reads on the internet, here’s what caught my attention this week:

*Pretty mixture of cafe lights and streamers on Sacramento Street (I just adore cafe lights and this such a pretty version).
* An interesting discussion of the “and guest” dilemma  on A Practical Wedding (for what it’s worth, I think guests have more fun with a date, especially if most everyone attending is coupled up, but I totally get budgets and number issues & can see how this is a tough call).
* Don’t think it’s a good idea to not clue your photographer into what you want them to shoot for you . . . just saying . . .
* Sooo excited there’s a new James Bond movie due out this October (I just love that 007) – sneak peek at the trailer here.


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