Working for the weekend.

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend!  Here’s some things from around the webs that caught my attention this week:

*Ginger Jars on Classic Bride – did you know those pretty, blue & white vases are called Ginger Jars?  I didn’t either, but I’d love to see these start popping up at weddings and giving the Masons a run for their money.

*Inexpensive, custom made dresses from Heart My Closet – looks like this is an etsy shop and a web store, but if the quality is half as good as these dresses are cute, this looks like quite a deal.  Some really cute dresses for a City Hall wedding in here.

*I forgot how much I like simple letterpress invites, like the ones at Carrot and Stick press — I believe I got an email saying they’re having a sample sale this weekend at their Oakland store.

*Hilarious review of this week’s Mad Men episode by one of my favorite blogs, About Last Weekend — I just crack up every time I read this blog, Jody, the author has the best sense of humor and it’s always an entertaining read.

*Do y’all read the Vows column in the Sunday NYTs?  Fun history of how it came about here.

Hope you have some excitement like this little one this weekend!


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