My favorite iPHONE camera apps . . .

I just cannot get over how amazing the camera on the iphone is.  Now, I’m not going to start shooting weddings with it or anything like that, but I love how I always have a camera with me if I have my phone.  “They” say the best camera is the one you have on you.  I can kill a lot of time taking a little snap and editing away, so I thought I’d share my favorite apps for doing this with y’all.  Drumroll . . .  In no particular order, they are:

Camera+ – this app is a juiced up version of the camera that comes with iphones, my favorite feature is that it lets you zoom.  I’m not sure that the quality is as good as the app called “camera” that’s preinstalled, as my pictures on this app aren’t always as sharp, but overall it’s a nice little extra.  (In the pic above, starting at the top left, the original image was shot on Camera+.

– VSCO Cam – I use this app for editing pics as it has a lot of nice selections for bumping up color, making color warmer, adding grain, adding fill light, etc.  (Working clockwise in the pic above, the second was edited with VSCO Cam.)

Photoshop Express – I like this app for basic edits, like exposure and cropping.  Otherwise, I don’t use it too often as I like the options on the other apps better.  I do recommend this app as it’s nice to have a basic toolkit in your wheelhouse of options.

– Instagram – I haven’t made my photo stream public or gotten into the social networking aspects of Instagram, but I do like their filters for a fun, quick edit.  The other apps I’m recommending take a little time to work with as they enable you to customize each shot.  Instagram does the work for you with classic film filters.  (In the pic above, bottom row, far left, edits done on instagram.)

Pic Frame –  This app lets you make collages (like the picture above) and it also lets you do fun things with a photo, like turn it into a triptych (middle picture, bottom row).  You can play around with a lot of framing options.  It’s a fun way to showcase a series of shots taken in a row.

Polamatic –  I still love a polaroid camera & this app lets you get the effect of different polaroids and it allows you to write on them (as you would an old polaroid snap).  Had to include this one for the nostalgia factor & it also has some fun filters.  The shot on the bottom row, far right was taken with Polamatic.

Picfx – this is a neat app that has a bunch of preloaded filters, including some cool bokeh filters.  It kind of makes me sad that classic film effects can be digitally inserted into a shot so easily, but hey, I think that train left the station a long time ago.  It’s still pretty fun.


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