We got timelined . . .

I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  As much as I love seeing what people are up to, following my friends, other bloggers and things I like, I am just not all that open to the constant changes, timeline in particular.  I just really do not like being out of control of my graphic design options.  If they wanted to go this route, couldn’t we at least pick how these things look?!  Anyway, after a few weeks of pretending they didn’t timeline my eLLe page, I gave in and redid the banner and profile pic.  Since I went to the effort to make a tiny image for them, here’s a full size view of eLLe’s new profile pic on our facebook page.  (Oh, if you would “like” us, that would make me feel a whole lot better about this!  I promise we don’t publish every 10 seconds and I will not blow up your news feed.)


2 thoughts on “We got timelined . . .

  1. I have to confess to being a bit of an internet addict — it started with Facebook (thousands of hours sunk there), Pinterest has kept me up far too many nights & I love instagram now that I have an iphone (but I haven’t made my feed public, I need some photos just for me). I’m not into twitter so much – I read other people’s tweets but feel a bit awkward tweeting myself.

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