So I know I am hardly the first person to write about “glamping” or glamorous camping, but I am intrigued.  (Sunset Magazine’s cover story this month is even on the concept.  BTW, this is another fabulous magazine that I think flies a little bit under the radar.)  I had been under the impression that the closest place to SF to properly glamp was in Big Sur, which seemed a little far if I was going to get “semi-dirty” as I imagine I would, even if it is more glamorous than the tent-in-ground style camping.  Then my cousin (who is rather glamorous herself) mentioned a place relatively close to SF (about 25 miles north of Santa Cruz) called Costanoa that sounds really cool.  They have the fancy tent/more like hotel rooms set-up & even better, they have a lodge where the rooms come with bathrooms.  The tent prices are really pretty reasonable though & I have to confess I am tempted to talk Bill into giving this a try for a night.  It just seems kind of retro and romantic.  Check it out!


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