Just some things I’m into . . .

I spend too much time on the internets & pinterest.  It leads to a lot of “I want that!” moments.  Just thought I’d share what I’m into at the moment . . .
(Rifle Paper Co. goods (love the fresh design approach to wedding invites), Steve Madden boots (I totally love the red zippers — this style can only be found in their stores, trust me, I scoured online for weeks & tracked these down in Salt Lake City and on eBay), Kate Spade iphone case (I’m *finally* eligible for an iphone upgrade and this will make my happy phone happier), Nana Montana wedding signs (these are adorable, I bought these for eLLe shoots & there are a lot of rustic-wedding touches in her shop), Devon Baer tops (she was just featured in Matchbook, but I’ve been onto her before she was famous & she has the cutest things in her etsy shop)


4 thoughts on “Just some things I’m into . . .

    1. Oh my goodness, of course! I just *love* everything in your shop! I bought a pair of sparkly multi-colored earrings you had & they are just my favorite. Lots of props 🙂

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