Oscar Sunday

Are y’all watching the Oscars this Sunday?  I love watching the pre-show to see what everyone’s wearing.  (Yeah, me & everyone else, I know it’s not too original).  I just love seeing the stars looking like stars.  I’m not such a fan of the “they’re just like us” columns in the rags — I like to think that they live in some rarefied world of glitz and glam all the time.  I saw this pic by Life Magazine on Pinterest the other night & thought it was totally cool to see two icons in one room.  I like how they’re not looking at each other.  Makes me wonder if there was any Grace v. Audrey rivalry there.  Who knows.  Still an awesome photo & the end of my little Oscar discussion.  Have a lovely weekend y’all.


2 thoughts on “Oscar Sunday

  1. Lovely to catch up again – there’s never ever been anyone else like those two – have there. How funny I have never seen the two women in the same photo. Where do you source your pics from?

  2. I totally agree! My two favorites, too & I haven’t ever seen them in the same photo either. I found this pic on Pinterest — the single most addicting thing I’ve looked at on the internet.

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