The sweetest thing

I’ve noticed that everyone is looking for “the next cupcake tower” to keep the dessert concept interesting at weddings.  We’ve seen the cakes — toppers go in & out of fashion.  The cupcake tower has had a long moment in the sun too (I’ll never complain about that though as cupcakes are my absolute favorite). We’ve seen pies and mini pies and cake pops and sundae bars and candy bars.  But, to date, I have yet to see a whole bunch of mini creme brulees.  I quite like the idea & thought I’d share with you all that one of those wonderful SF food carts that just specializes in creme brulees just launched a catering division & they, quite reasonably, will deliver these to your event.  Makes me want to throw a party just to try it out.  Check it out here or follow these folks on facebook or twitter to see where they are in San Francisco hawking their goodies.
(This isn’t a sponsored post, btw, I don’t do that . . .)


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