Can we all agree to stop cutting off heads?

Just a little rant due to the new year being here, I thought I’d comment on a trend I’d love to see disappear in 2012.  The chief, primary, number one thing that bugs me is the shot focused on the bridal bouquet that cuts off the bride’s head (like the first one on the left).  I recognize that I too am guilty of having taken this shot (I took the one I’m complaining about here), mostly because you see it all.the.time and it starts to feel required.  I’d so prefer to look at the one in the middle as it’s lovely to see her face, don’t you think?  Or the one on the right — it’s focused on the detail, but doesn’t have that ghastly, bride-of-bluebeard missing-head thing going on.  So my resolution for 2012 is to stop taking that shot at weddings going forward.  Will anyone else join me?  Pretty please?

What trends do you dislike?  Anything you all love?  Please share!


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