Holiday Card Vendors

If you’re like me and spend a zillion hours scouring the internet and pinterest, you probably know that the holiday card game has been totally raised in the last few years by some really cool new players. If you’re not totally addicted, maybe this post will help you out (& I do have clients ask this question, so hopefully it’s of interest to you). My favorite sites for holiday cards are, & Paper Dahlia. Minted & Hello Lucky have a cool graphic design bent & Paper Dahlia (who also designs for Minted & designed my blog, which I just adore) does custom cards too. If I’ve done a shoot for you & you’re trying to figure out a card or you’ve picked one you love, but you’d like to have me adjust the colors of a shot to work better with the color scheme of your card, please do let me know. That is all for today (unless something cool happens I have to tell you about . . .)

(these are a few of my favorite designs on Minted)


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