Street Photography

Street photography isn’t so much my genre; I am more about portraits & subjects that are somewhat aware of me being there with a camera. Don’t get me wrong, my favorite pictures are when I capture those little looks when the people who hire me forget that I’m there, but to a certain extent, on some level, the people in the pictures I take do know that I am there because they hired me to take pictures of them. Street photography is a whole different ballgame. It’s catching people when have *no* idea you’re around & getting something unique — an outfit, natural geometry, reflections, a mood, the people who inhabit a city. My photo partner Bill primarily shoots his fine art prints in this style, so since we shoot together all the time (& also happen to be a couple) you had to figure it would rub off on me a little. I’m having some fun with it & thought I’d start sharing a few of my street shots from time to time. Don’t worry though, Elle Photographs! will still be mostly about my portrait sessions, events we do, pretty cityscapes and details & the random little things I see & feel like sharing.


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