E-shoot looks

An ever popular topic is what to wear to your engagement shoot. I’ll deal with the guys in other posts, but I thought I’d start a semi-regular feature of showing you all looks that can be fabulous for e-shoots. Here’s a few of my favorite concepts: (1) the “kinda bridal” look – since you’re engaged, why not do a fun/funky bridal kind of look — if you’re going for a traditional wedding, you could have some fun with all-white looks that are a little less traditional, kind of glam, and fun, (2) the solid color dress — I like how simple dresses with great colors really let the person wearing them stand out & they make for a really classic look, (3) a fun print/stylish outfit — I really like when people show their style. Brights tend to look great on people & on film. What do you think? Do you have any favorite looks?

The white dress is by Juliette Hogan , the green dress is Anthropologie, and the floral look is by Stacey Zhang.


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