San Francisco City Hall Wedding Tips

I am just a huge fan of San Francisco City Hall weddings. You just can’t beat the setting — gorgeous Beaux Arts building right in the middle of San Francisco. Weddings there just have the city chic feeling & are such a lovely way to do a wedding on a budget. Here’s some shots from a recent wedding we shot there. Along the way, we learned a few tips for City Hall brides & grooms to be. The busiest days are Mondays and Fridays — since City Hall does weddings only during the week, the days that bookend the weekend fill up fast & Fridays even more than Mondays. The city’s website says that you’re limited to a small number of observers & this didn’t seem enforced at all — there’s just too much going on. I think you’d have trouble if you tried to bring 25+ people, but going a few over their limit didn’t seem to raise an eyebrow. There is a lot of standing around & waiting — you wait to find out who is going to do your ceremony & to fill out the paperwork. Then you go & wait for your turn for the ceremony. They give you a little number — be sure to take a picture of it quickly as they take it back when it’s your turn. No posing with it afterward. You do get to pick where you’d like the ceremony to happen, so it’s worth going ahead of time & scouting the possibilities. You see it all in terms of bridal style — couples in jeans on a lunch break to full wedding gear to cute H&M dresses. Love that you can just do your thing. From the photographer’s perspective – try to spend some time shooting pics outside as well as inside — both are just too gorgeous not to miss.


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