Is Pinterest changing the way you blog?

I don’t know about y’all, but I am just *addicted* to Pinterest — it’s getting bad. I can lose hours to browsing around the beautiful images. I also have to confess to getting a total thrill when I see that something I pinned was “repinned” and an even bigger thrill if it’s one of my photographs. I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been posting single images instead of the collages I often do as I think they’re easier to pin (how sick is that?!). I’m curious if any of you are similarly addicted or changing the way you blog?

(& yes, this is a single shot I’m certain I’ll pin . . .)


2 thoughts on “Is Pinterest changing the way you blog?

  1. I also am addicted to Pinterest….as it is 8:13 on a Thursday and I am still at home drinking my coffee and ‘pinning’…. off to work–ekkkk!!!

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