City Arts & Lectures

So this is totally off the photography, fashion, design, etc. topics that I usually post about, but I just spent a delightful evening at a lecture hosted by City Arts & Lectures on artisan food in the Bay Area featuring a discussion led by Kim Severson of the New York Times with Sue Conley (who started Cowgirl Creamery) & Chad Robertson (who started & owns Tartine Bakery). It’s like watching NPR live (I think they often rebroadcast these lectures) & you just leave feeling smart. Wonderful reminder of what a culturally rich place we live in. Elle loves. Le sigh.

(This sketch is from the lecture series website & is a drawing of the Herbst Theater where these lectures usually take place.)


One thought on “City Arts & Lectures

  1. What a great thing to do. I must get our to these lectures more, we have such a wealth of great foodie people here. Love Cowgirl Creamery and the modern barn space they have.

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