Guest Photog – Z!

One of my best friends from college has the most awesome daughter, 11-year old Z. She is just about the most adorable, smart, fun, sweet little girl you ever met. & just when I thought she couldn’t get any cooler, we spent the day together with her Mom & baby sister in Golden Gate Park & she asked to borrow my camera to take a few shots. The top ones are the girls having fun & the bottom row were taken by Z. The one on the right was in the Steinhart Aquarium & the one on the left from our vantage point while “taking tea” at the Japanese Tea Garden. I just had to share — I think she’s gonna make it big one day!


One thought on “Guest Photog – Z!

  1. Love the bottom images too. They both seem other-worldly! Wish I could take pics like that. The thing you realise about kids when taking pics of drawing they are always happy to keep it clean and simple….

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