Par-Tay Favors

I just love a party favor. I love getting party favors & I love finding something clever to send folks home with. That said, I totally get how this could be the last thing on a list for a wedding, and how quickly it can get expensive. These adorable pencils from Iomoi may just solve that problem — at $15 for 14, you could get a bunch of different colors & break them down into sets of 3, tied with a ribbon. Pretty & original, don’t you think?


2 thoughts on “Par-Tay Favors

  1. Wow these are like little works of art in themselves – have never heard of this store…will click into it.. They also sounds nice for kid’s parties. My nine year old Tallulah is past the plastic junk stage and they all love pretty pencils.
    (BTW, I am going to check out that cheap wine at Wholefoods!)

  2. Oh that would be totally great for kids (I like setting them up stylish early!) — they have a ton of styles & colors too.
    (The cheap wine at Wholefoods is pretty darn amazing for the price & I don’t think it’s so popular that people will scoff if you pull it out . . . Pretty label too.)

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