eLLe in another city

Seattle that is. This last weekend, I went to Seattle to visit one of my best girlfriends. We spent most of our time catching up & chit chatting, but we did make it out to dinner at this amazing place called Sitka & Spruce in the Corson Building on Capitol Hill. Being from San Francisco, I am a tad hard to impress when it comes to restaurants & this place was just divine. One of the best meals I’ve had in ages. I managed to snap a few pics here & there — some below are from the delightful evening out to dinner & others just here & there about town. I’m posting because Seattle is just so darn pretty & also to let y’all know that if you live somewhere I’d like to visit, or am planning to go, I’d love to build in a little photo session along the way, just let me know!


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