In celebration of girlfriends

One of my favorite parts of photographing weddings is just watching people love each other all day long. It’s like one big awesome hallmark/phone company commercial. One piece that’s not commented on so much is seeing the real special bond between girlfriends. At the risk of sounding totally sappy, I think it’s just so cool to see the real bonds of friendship that are so strong at weddings — it’s sweet seeing girlfriends making sure that everything goes right for the bride & checking in & just generally being happy & excited. Here are a few of my favorite candid “girlfriend moments”:


2 thoughts on “In celebration of girlfriends

  1. I love this post and these photos. The bottom photo of the two friend leaning to to talk is really touching. My girlfriends mean everything to me. Being a Kiwi we’ve always hung around in huge groups and I couldn’t do without them…

  2. Same here!! I was inspired last night after having lovely conversations with a couple of my best girls. I don’t know what I’d do without them either. Thanks for the nice comment!

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