Weekend extra post – life changing manicure

I am not kidding. The modern age is so fantastic sometimes with its cool inventions. The internet. The iphone. Apps. Email. Dryel. But the best new invention in my book is the “shellac” or “gel” manicure that’s popped up all over San Francisco. Back in the day (e.g. the early 90s) I used to get “gels” which were only slightly better than acrylic nails (I liked to think they were less tacky) — they looked shiny and lasted a few weeks, but to get em, the nail place had to grind down your own nails & that just never struck me as a good idea. So I was elated to discover the new version, which is basically a super hard nail polish that you still dry under UV lights, but no grinding of your own nails. It’s dry as soon as its done & mine last a few weeks so no need for the weekly mani anymore. Best part – I can have red nails now when I feel like it as no chips! Hooray! Below is a pic of my nails today, freshly done, but I promise you, they’ll look like this in a couple of weeks too.


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