A huge, gigantic, massive, big, THANK-YOU to Paper Dahlia for the blog redesign!

Y’all may have noticed that eLLe PHOTOGRAPHS! is looking pretty darn spiffy these days (if I do say so myself!). & I can say so myself because it is the work of the amazingly talented & super easy to work with genius designer Kerry Doyle, otherwise known as “Paper Dahlia“. You must check out her site as redoing blogs is only one of her many skills. She’s a graphic designer who in addition to doing website design, specializes in wedding invitations & baby announcements & she’s also one of the talented designers for Minted.com (pretty sure I’ve blogged about their fabulous line of invites before, but if not – check that out too). Anyway, just wanted to give credit where it’s due & thank Kerry so much for her wonderful work!


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