the new online magazine Matchbook!  OMG, y’all – this may just be the most perfect magazine ever.  It’s preppy, bright, colorful, & fun — it’s like they took the “best of Domino” & mixed it with the Satorialist & tossed in a whole lot of letterpress gorgeousness to come up with something I want to look at all afternoon.  My only complaint is that it’s just online — what I wouldn’t give to subscribe to this one (& I wouldn’t cut it all up like I did my old Domino’s when I thought that would last forever) & curl up with a cup of tea under a charming quilt.  LOVE!  Y’all must check it out!  (the y’all’s start coming out when I get excited — it’s my inner Southern girl squealing w/ delight).  Oh how I adore this one!


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