Walk this way . . .

So y’all just have to forgive me for having a little flair and love for the dramatic.  I think there’s nothing more fun than a fabulously original wedding processional.  It probably started with my insane love for the Sound of Music & Maria walking down the aisle to “How do you solve a problem like” . . .

To give you a little inspiration, here are a few other ideas (you’ve probably seen a couple of them, but they’re fun all over again & you’ve got to remember to keep wedding planning fun):
My favorite — the Glee Wedding processional.

& here’s the “Forever” dance spoofed on the Office but done brilliantly by real people

This is a song suggestion —  have your string quartet play Guns & Roses!!  (Seriously — maybe it’s my era, but I think ya might get a guy into the whole ceremony thing with this)

& this is a bonus one — not a processional, but a toast that really makes me wish my friends were musical theater folks (it starts a bit slow, you can fast forward to minute 1:46)


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