I’m not a techie (not even sure how to spell that)

but . . . I do get *really* excited by photography equipment.  Permit me to dork out here for a minute, but I may have just found the solution to one of my biggest problems & perhaps yours too.  I usually cannot deal with a “point and shoot” camera because it doesn’t have manual controls.  When I travel or decide it’s a nice day to have my camera along, I either drag out my big professional camera or decide it’s too heavy to carry when I’m not working, and then I rely on my cell phone if something catches my attention.  My clients complain they’d love to be able to take pictures of their kids & talk about how point & shoots don’t do the trick.  I agree – they really don’t work.  SO, you can imagine my excitement when I learned that Canon has come out with a pocket-sized camera with manual controls!!  I couldn’t be more excited & just ordered one.  I’ll have to let y’all know if it’s as cool as it sounds.  As they say, the best camera is the one you have with you . . .


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