Whatever will the kids wear?!

One of the first questions I’m asked about family photography is “what should the kids wear” and I give my usual suggestions — something that’s an “outfit” – try to stay away from t-shirts with slogans/words printed on them and anything really era-specific (like crocs for shoes & things like that).  But if I was styling your shoot, I’d recommend getting putting your girls in something from Sparrow Hills — which is hands down, the most adorable maker of children’s clothes I’ve seen in ages.  It’s currently being sold on Etsy (I’ve included a link above) & you can also find a fan page on Facebook.  The clothes all have a sophistication that’s usually lacking in kids clothes & I’d even like some of them to come in my size.  I adore Sparrow’s fabric choices too.  Alas, they really are just for kids.  Check it out.  And if anyone in the Bay Area falls in love with these clothes the way I have, Elle will do a photo shoot for you at 50% off . . . You know where to reach me — elle.photographer@yahoo.com.

(The pic on the left is from Sparrow Hills — it’s a sampling of just one of zillions of darling looks.)


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