Pretty & Cheap – More Ways to Save on Your Wedding so you can hire a photographer!

Everyone wants to tell you how to save money on a wedding dress “wear your mother’s” “get it used” etc.  I think one of the more overlooked places for a “deal” is the evening gown collections at high end department stores — Neiman Marcus, Saks, Nordstroms, etc. all carry a lot of gorgeous white dresses that won’t break the bank & would be just as beautiful for a wedding as a ball. 

This one at Neimans caught my eye recently — I love the gold on white — it’s sophisticated & pretty & $440.  Not exactly free, but a lot better than what a lot of dresses cost new these days & it’s made out of silk (which is lovely for photographs when dresses have movement).   Happy shopping ladies. 

May you find a dress you love so you don’t relate to this story!

(This photo is one of Bill’s —


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