Did you get engaged over Christmas?

Or did a friend of yours?  If you’re in the Bay Area & starting your wedding planning, consider using Elle Photography.  Elle has a joint venture with Bill Hipps Photography  (which is where you’ll find our wedding portfolio).  Bill & Elle are a couple of photographers who also happen to be a couple. 

Our Philosophy:We believe that wedding photography should be memorable in a unique way and to make that happen, we produce images that are edgy, creative, and stylish. 

We believe that you should have fun at your wedding.  We stay out of the way & capture the moment without taking over the show. 

We believe that you should get the pictures you want, whether that’s posed shots or a photojournalistic approach.  It’s your day and your memories that we’re creating.  We want to make you happy.

We believe that we should know the couple we’re photographing and we include an engagement shoot with every package at no extra charge.

We believe that you’re entitled to the jpg images from your special day so we always include those as part of our packages too.

So congratulations & hope we hear from you!


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