Weekend link time!

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYHappy Friday/Happy Weekend everyone!  Hope you’re up to something fun over the next couple of days.  Me, I’ll be taking photos (but what else is new . . .).  Here’s this week’s weekend link round-up, enjoy:
* My friends, The Podolls, were featured on Houzz (have you checked that site out?  Fantastic home decor ideas).
* The Olsen twins designed a pretty wedding dress (& Stevie Nicks was at this event too – must be nice to be friends with famous people).
* I totally want a cooler/blender/stereo – all in one.
* Classic Bride gives tips on how to bring in meaningful vintage details into your wedding (some of the photos in this article are by yours truly).
* I am a huge fan of the French Exit (Irish Goodbye, English Escape, etc.) – here’s a handy graphic to help figure out when it’s appropriate to use (hint:  at a big party, not so much at a small dinner where you could be thought to have been kidnapped, or something like that).
* Another graphic explaining how to dress in SF in the summer (hint:  it doesn’t involve shorts).
* Photos of the Paris club scene in the 80s are pretty cool.
* Just because it’s popular and in case you’ve been off the interwebs, here’s the trailer for 50 Shades of Grey, the movie.
* Tattoos:  not just for hipsters.

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Lets talk about wedding portraits…

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYSome true facts for you today on this here blog.  Did you know that couples portraits from their wedding day are the number one most popular photos that people order in prints after their weddings?  They’re followed in close second by group family photos, and third by ceremony photos (and then, it’s usually the walking down the aisle shot).  Another fun fact – portraits are my very most favorite thing to photograph at a wedding (& generally – it’s why I specialize in them).  But I love wedding portraits so much that I decided to start offering portrait-only wedding packages.  Personally, this is all I would want to memorialize my wedding day (shockingly, I’m a little camera shy and as much as we stay in the background, I wouldn’t be able to forget that a photographer was there and I personally think it spoils a little bit of the mood) and I don’t think many people offer this as an option.  While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with all day coverage, sometimes you don’t need it or want it, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want someone to take beautiful photos for you.  So I thought I’d make that service available.  I’m happy to tell you more about it if you’d like to get in touch.
xx -L

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A focus on details

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHY (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYI was walking down memory lane (in other words, sorting through my photo files) and I remembered just how pretty Colleen & Matt’s wedding was and thought it would be nice to revisit their pretty details today.  Hope you’re having a wonderful week.

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Artist Crush – Jenny Vorwaller

http://jennyvorwaller.bigcartel.com/productsHi everyone!  I’m back with an artist crush.  Meet Jenny Vorwaller, a Seattle-based painter I discovered via my favorite social media addiction (that is instagram in case you weren’t sure).  She makes the most beautiful abstract paintings that I have fallen in love with.  (So much so, that one of her beauties came home with me recently.)  Check out her shop, she has a number of lovely pieces and it seems that she must constantly change her stock as it’s entirely new since I last looked about a week ago.

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Are you visiting San Francisco? Would you like an alternative to Alcatraz?

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYWhenever people visit San Francisco and ask me for recommendation on places to go and things to do, I have a list I routinely send out.  On that list is a place called Sam’s in Tiburon.  Sam’s is a restaurant right on the pier where the Tiburon ferry docks.  It’s selling point is that is has a large deck overlooking the water and the SF Bay.  It’s always sunny and warm there, and it’s the perfect place to pass an afternoon.  Instead of riding one of the boats to Alcatraz (which is historically interesting), my suggestion would be to board a ferry to Tiburon and hang out at Sam’s instead.  The food is nothing to write home about, and the drinks aren’t creative (but they’re strong), but the atmosphere is perfect.  Just a little tip from me to you.


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Get thee to the art museum

. (c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYThe Palace Legion of Honor is my favorite museum in San Francisco (& it’s up there on my list of favorite museums generally).  Its architecture is stunning, and you can feel like you escaped to Europe for the afternoon there.  There’s also a little bit of a spooky vibe, probably because I associate the place with Hitchcock’s classic Vertigo.  Right now, they are having a marvelous impressionism exhibit with tons of beautiful paintings.  I’ve said it before, but I really think modern fine art photography is heavily influenced by the impressionists, and this exhibit confirms my thinking.  If you’re around SF, I recommend making an effort to get there.  The exhibit closes August 3rd, so you still have a couple of weekends to make it happen.

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Weekend link time again!

(c) eLLe PHOTOGRAPHYHooray!  It’s the weekend again.  My favorite days (& I’m guessing yours too), and that means it’s time for the weekly roundup of links that caught my attention this week.  Here you go:
* If you still have an overhead projector (or can dig one up somewhere), this is a pretty cool idea for wall art (although it does remind me a teeny little bit of decorating the gym for a high school dance . . .)
* I love this photo display (and I also love real art in bathrooms).
* Some pretty good rules for living.
* This blackberry cobbler sounds pretty tasty (I always need help with the crust portion, I tend to wing it and guess what should be in a crust, so it’s nice to have an actual recipe).
* Did you hear there’s a dribble of new information about what became of Harry Potter & Co.?
* I love my middle initial!  (& my middle name too – it’s Nicole, in case you were wondering).  I shall never give it up.  (I guess this means I’m really not a millennial.)
* A great essay on vintage v. classic & being true to yourself.
*Good ideas for scouring flea markets. (PSA – the Alameda flea is in a couple of weeks, first Sunday of every month).
* I hesitate to post another link about the CIA (makes me think I’ll end up on a list somewhere), but the declassified cafeteria complaints of their employees made me laugh too hard not to.
* Ever wonder if you’re working too much? Nothing like comparing yourself to other countries.
* Do you need some new instagram accounts to follow?  Check out Humans of New York (this is compelling portraiture every day and it might be the best thing on the internet) & the AquaLillies – a fabulous synchronized swimming troupe (I’ve mentioned I was a synchronized swimmer in High School, right?  Nothing like these gals, but enough to appreciate what they do.)

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!  xo -L


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